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Join the Parent Focus Group

  • Meet the Principal
  • Meet fellow parents
  • Discuss whole school issues
  • We are interested in your views

Meeting Dates 2014/15 - there are two meetings at 9am and 6pm

16th September
11th November
13th January
3rd March
21st April
9th June


Parents' council
Role: to represent the voice of the parents within the Academy to ensure they have a say in the running of the Academy.
We are committed to a culture of rigorous self-evaluation and continuous improvement and, in order to ensure this, we actively seek the views of parents and carers through an annual survey. This survey gives the opportunity for parents to express their views on the quality of education provided and to make suggestions for further improvements.

The Parents´ Council, to which all parents/carers are automatically invited, provides a forum for the exchange of views and ideas with the Principal and a representative of the LST Executive.

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Home Academy Partnership Agreement


Tutors - Check that all students and their parents have signed the agreement.

Parents & Students - Sign the agreement and abide by it.

Principals  - Sign the agreement and ensure that the Academy delivers on its commitments.

Ipswich Academy will:

  • encourage the full development of the talents of each individual student so they can achieve more than they thought possible
  • ensure that your son/daughter achieves their full potential as a valued member of the Academy and wider community
  • personalise the curriculum to meet their individual needs and aspirations
  • ensure the highest standards of work through the regular assessment of work and independent learning tasks and provide facilities for students to study in the Academy
  • meet with your son/daughter regularly to review progress and discuss additional action
  • record progress regularly so you know how they are progressing
  • model the highest standards of behaviour by building good relations and developing a sense of responsibility
  • prepare your son/daughter for the choices they need to make in the future
  • establish and maintain strong communications with parents/carers as a basis for close co-operation between home and the Academy and make prompt contact with parents regarding any concerns

Ipswich Academy students will:

  • attend the Academy regularly and on time, equipped to learn and participate in Academy activities
  • follow the Academy code of dress
  • do their best in all aspects of Academy life
  • be considerate of and respectful towards the feelings and property of other people, both in the Academy and in the wider community

Ipswich Academy Parents/Carers will:

  • ensure that their son/daughter attends the Academy punctually and regularly
  • notify the Academy on the first day of any absence and confirm the reason in writing
  • ensure that their son/daughter follows the Academy code of dress
  • take an active and support interest in their son/daughter´s work and progress, and in the Academy generally, especially twice a year in setting the student goals
  • alert the Academy to any concerns or problems that might affect their son/daughter
  • support the Academy´s policies and guidelines

I have read and understood the terms of the Home-Academy Agreement.